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MEN'S LEAGUE 2005-2006

Gentlemen, some of you are entering your fifth year and have been with us
from the birth of the NHDL - WELCOME BACK!

For those of you joining us for your first season - WELCOME to the NHDL!
and make sure your darts are sharpened, you're in for alot of competition,
many matches and a whole new level of play!

Your Friday night will consist of the following...

4 matches each of:

601 Doubles - best of 3 legs
Cricket Doubles - best of 3 legs
Cricket Singles - best of 3 legs

Topping the night off with a rewarding and gruelling 8 matches of
501 singles - best of 5 legs

The 501 singles is how your PPD (point per dart) averages are calculated

WOMEN'S LEAGUE 2005-2006

The NHDL women's division is entering it's fourth successful season!

WELCOME BACK to those familiar faces from last year AND Welcome aboard to the newcomers!

Your Friday night matches consist of the following:
4 matches each, best 2 out of 3

601 doubles
Cricket doubles
Cricket singles - One Leg
And rounding off the night will be 6 games of 501 Singles, best 2 out of 3.